About Us

Our Company has been incorporated as Chrogene Aarogyam Biotech Private limited under the companies Act, 2013. The company is focused in Research & Development in innovating healthcare products to address the unmet needs of both domestic and global population at large. It aims to achieve these by partnering with institutions of excellence and thereby leveraging the vast potential available. We believe in the mantra of Healthcare for all, being more accessible and affordable, specially for the people in the Indian subcontinent.

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Chrogene Aarogyam is also actively pursuing to extend the knowledge and key skills to academia and industries. Due efforts are made towards a convergence for the industry and the academic partnership. We are also actively involved in conducting workshops and skill development programmes for life science, Pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector.

Health Care

Healthy living is every individual’s responsibility which in turn creates a healthy family resulting in a healthy society and a healthy population and ultimately goes into creating a wealthy country at large. Healthy population is the engine behind sustainable economic growth of any nation and the alternative is, creating economic burden. Hence taking proper care of one’s health for a comfortable today and secure tomorrow goes a long way in creating a healthy ecosystem for any nation or the country.

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